Passing is a one-woman play that has inspired audiences across the country to challenge traditional views about race in America. Based on the true story of the playwright’s great-grandmother. Passing takes place in the 1940’s, but emphasizes a message of love and hope that still resonates today.

Minerva Roulhac was born at the turn of the century in the segregated south. She was orphaned as a child. Despite her Caucasian appearance, she was adopted by a former slave. She grew up in Marianna, Florida’s black community while her brother, Jordon ran away from home and started a new life, “passing for white.” Jordon’s decision caused a painful divide between him and Minerva.

After overcoming life-threatening obstacles, she fell in love and married Robert Roulhac. Together, they raised eight college-educated children and stood against prejudice. Minerva lived to be nearly 100 years old. In this play, she imparts the wisdom that helped her survive everything from Jim Crow to the Great Depression.

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“Shades Of War”

The year is 1776. America is in a bloody battle to end British rule and Phoebe Fraunces is fighting for her own independence. She faces unspeakable challenges as a free woman of color, but finds the courage to make her own way.

This play is inspired by the true story of a remarkable woman who played a crucial role in our nation’s history. Shades Of War has exposed Off-Broadway audiences and theatergoers across the nation to a timeless story about the consequences of love and the true value of freedom. Playwright Dara Harper also wrote Passing and penned two novels; Magic In Moon Time and Grits & Grace.


JONATHAN: Phoebe, it’s all been decided. Mr. Fraunces promised that you would be my wife.

PHOEBE: I am not a possession!

JONATHAN: There is little difference between a woman and a possession.

PHOEBE: I belong to God and God alone.

JONATHAN: Your father told me that you were strong willed, but this is far more than I expected. When we are married, I will not allow you to speak to me in this manner.

PHOEBE: The man I love listens to me. He has a gentle heart and has no concern for my lineage. And he will give me a life of happiness that you never could.

JONATHAN: So you will defy your father and marry him?

PHOEBE: I must live my own life!

JONATHAN: You are quite mad… Phoebe, there are many women who wish to wed me and this is your chance.

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“Beyond Harlem”

Beyond Harlem explores African American history in New York City outside of Harlem.


“30 Reasons”

30 Reasons is a romantic comedy about a woman on a mission to find a husband before her 30th birthday.


“The Sky Princess”

“The Sky Princess” is a CG-animated feature film about an ordinary girl who becomes an African princess with the help of a magical bird. But when the thrill of palace life fades, the same magic that transformed her into royalty prevents her from returning home.

Starring Vivica A. Fox, Robert Gossett, Angell Conwell
, and Crystal Cohen
Director/Writer: Dara Harper
Executive Producer: Phil Gorn
Producer: David Harper
Composer: Élan Noelle.

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“Sweeter Without Sugar”

Yolanda Wells (Michelle Joan Papillion) isn’t exactly where she wants to be in life. Her job at one of the top casting agencies in New York City is only a means to pays the bills. Her college sweetheart, Mark has become distant. The highlight of her life is baking desserts with her grandmother (Johnnie Mae, “Law & Order: SVU”) on the weekends.

Everything changes when Yolanda finds out that she has diabetes, the same disease that caused her father’s early death. She must learn to let go of bad habits and relationships to embrace a new life.

With the help of her best friend Toni, (Amber Ownes: Spamalot) she gets a job at a world-renowned soul food restaurant in Harlem. Her passion for the culinary arts shines through. Yolanda even opens her heart to new love.

“Sweeter Without Sugar” is an inspirational story of love, life and change filmed on location in New York City.

This film was directed by Erik Kilpatrick (White Shadow, New Jack City, Cornbread Earl & Me.) It was written and produced by Dara Frazier, winner of the Best African American Filmmaker Award at the Brooklyn Film Festival for her short film “la Revolution.” It features a soundtrack by Ann Nesby. This film is supported by the American Diabetes Association.

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“La Revolution”

This animated short film illustrates Haiti’s 1801 revolution. It was nominated for several awards and won the Best African American Filmmaker Award at the Brooklyn Film Festival.